June 19, 2018
Analyn B. Tuibeo’s House

Bacoor City has numerous slum areas where many families are getting hungry and sick because of poverty and one of them is the FAMILY TUIBEO. Mrs. Analyn Tuibeo, a mother of 8 children; one of them is under the sponsorship program of CRAM Inc. Her husband is a part-time construction worker but has not enough earnings to support his family. Due to lack of money to buy food, they eat once a day or twice but oftentimes they are enduring hunger. Sadly, one of their concerns is their house. Most of the time, Mrs. Analyn would cry out and bear the pain because of their trying situation especially regarding hunger, educational needs of her children, unstable house and the fact that her life turned this way. Sadly, their house is very small. The roof is just made of plastic and tarpaulin and the floor is made up of bamboo sticks, which is so fragile and may collapse anytime. Since they have no proper bedrooms, they are just sleeping on the bamboo floor without a blanket. In the evening, as they are deeply sleeping, they would wake up because of their wet body caused by the rain. Now start a rainy season in the country and every night they don’t have a good proper sleep. She would cry almost daily whenever her daughter ask her “Ma, when can we find a good home?” She always replied “let us trust in God. He will provide, just don’t lose hope”. We are now knocking to your heart to help them provide the materials needed to make a stable house. They need roof, bamboo, plywood and other materials to build the house. God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ.