April 30, 2018
Ednalyn’s Story

In a tiny little house built out over the water live three people: Ednalyn, her grand- mother, and her aunt. Ednalyn spent her time away from her house, walking, trying to forget her misery. One day missionary Sang Ho spoke to her. Ednalyn said, “I don’t want to go home because I’m scared. Our house is broken and the water floods inside.” She went on to say she had to stop going to school for several years due to financial difficulties. Her parents were separated and had their own families now and left her in her grandmother’s care. Ednalyn took Sang Ho to visit her house, and he could see that it was sinking into the water.

The church helped build Ednalyn’s family a new, small beautiful house. As a result, Ednalyn has found her joy again and is living out her faith for others to see. She is back in school and works very hard to get good grades. She faithfully attends church and serves on the praise team with her face full of laughter. We praise God for the incredible changes He has made in Ednalyn’s life!

Ednalyn’s story is not so different from those of all the other children who live in Bacoor City. They come from small crudely built bamboo shanties, built over the water because the slums have pushed them off the land. Most parents have no education and no permanent jobs. Their families are large, so they often cannot afford even two meals a day for their family. The children often have no clothes and no shoes, and their little bodies show signs of malnutrition. Most of the children get involved in drugs, alcohol, gangs, prostitution, and other horrible situations.

Boat Kids Club welcomes these children and works together with their families to help lift them up and break free from the cycle of poverty to know that Jesus loves them.

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