September 4, 2019
Flood in the Philippines
Big Flood on Main Road in Bacoor City

Big Flood on Main Road in Bacoor City

The City of Bacoor is suffering from a rushing flood caused by the nonstop rains since the monsoon season started. Since the houses and the infrastructure in the slum area are made of bamboo, the area has been devastated by the flood.  The houses are leaking and the bridges that connect these houses are in shambles, which makes our efforts of providing emergency aid even harder.

Praying Over a Warm Meal

Praying Over a Warm Meal

The rains have stopped briefly, and our work has just begun.  Over 200,000 people are affected by the flood in this poverty-stricken area.  The nights are cold and kids can’t find a dry blanket or shirt to keep them warm.  We provided instant noodles with hot water to feed 300 starving children at Torch Church yesterday.  We opened up our churches for people to stay overnight so they could at least stay dry and warmer than they could in their bamboo homes.  We are providing meals and blankets for these flood victims and wish we could do more.  However, the need is great and we have few supplies.

One of our churches is flooded and we are praying earnestly that our Sunday service will not be interrupted.  Being able to worship God in this dire situation can really warm the hearts of the flood victims and encourage them to trust in our Lord.

Providing Nutritious Rice to Flood Victims

Providing Nutritious Rice to Flood Victims

If you can, please support us with rice, instant noodles, clothes, and blankets so we can continue to provide help for the flood victims.  Our goal is to help 3,000 people during these difficult times and show them the love of Christ through our service.

We sincerely need your prayers and compassion for the urgent needs of the people of Bacoor.

May God bless you a hundred-fold for your offerings.

Reported by

Sang Ho and Lisa Kim

Field Directors of CRAM Philippines Ministry


To support the Disaster Relief by mail, send checks to

1291 Airport Pkwy.

Greenwood, IN 46143

with “Philippines Flood” in the memo line


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