November 12, 2019




Leprosy is a disease that brings pain, humiliation, and isolation to many people throughout history. Leprosy victims cannot hide their sickness like most other patients, their curse is so apparent, so they are treated with disgust from everyone around them. Another disheartening fact of leprosy is, if it is not treated properly, the victims will die a slow and horrific death. They will have sore skin, their muscles and nerves will rot, and their faces will disfigure. This ancient disease has disappeared in developed regions like the U.S. and Europe. However, there are about 180,000 leprosy victims who still suffer from this awful plague.

CRAM Worldwide has partnered with missionaries like Jacob Vu to provide treatment and supplies for these leprosy victims. On Sundays, Jacob leads a team of Christians to take supplies and medicine to these lepers and teach them about Jesus’ love and the hope of renewed life.

Your generous donations are supporting leprosy victims, so they have a chance to hear the Gospel and live a life with dignity and respect from fellow Christians. We want to thank you for your faithful partnership and prayers.

May God bless you many folds!

Jacob Park

Chief Operating Officer