May 1, 2020
My Spiritual Journey and Missions

My Spiritual  Journey

HanEol Preaching in the Philippines

This is HanEol (David) Kim.  I am thankful I can share my spiritual journey of how I have dedicated myself to God.  First, I will briefly introduce myself.  I lived in Korea until I graduated from high school.  In high school, I built a personal relationship with God.  As you may know, Korea’s passion for education is enthusiastic.  I, like the average Korean student, spent my nights studying at school until 11:00 p.m. 

Being tired of studying, and maybe needing God as a sanctuary, I decided to pray.  After 11:00 p.m. I headed for church and participated in a prayer meeting.  I spent the end of each day with God for 3 years.  I prayed earnestly to God for my future.  The more I obeyed God, the more I felt my life changing.  God had completely changed my life before graduation.  God opened up the opportunity for me to attend a university in China and a seminary in the United States.  God allowed me to experience both the East and the West and broadened my horizons for Missions.  Through these experiences, I was convinced of how God would use me – and that is as a missionary.  This year, I completed all of the Masters of Divinity courses at Lincoln Christian Seminary and am awaiting the graduation ceremony.  Now I am praying and preparing for future missions.


I am constantly working with CRAM Worldwide, which has led me well as a good Christian leader.  I have visited several churches during summer vacation.  I have taught many American students and congregations how God is fulfilling His purpose through CRAM and why Missions are needed.  I know that God has given me a special role.  This is a bridge between the United States and the mission field.  The younger generation is a special challenge for me.  Many young Christians around the world are gradually leaving the church; this will have a negative impact on Missions.  Additionally, the young generation has little knowledge of practical missions.  This is why I stress that we should have evangelical thoughts since childhood.  Evangelical thoughts should never be overlooked.  For that reason, I have very precious and meaningful times meeting with young children at Vacation Bible Schools and Camps.  I am working on a variety of materials to help the young generation easily receive the concept of missions.  I also have a responsibility to instill evangelical thoughts in these 

Packed Sunday Church Service

Sunday Worship Service

children.  I pray daily that these children will grow well in the Lord and become spiritually mature leaders with evangelical thoughts.  I hope that the Great Commission, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” will be applied to their lives through my preaching and my conversations with them.  I pray that they will become good role models and, as adults, lead the next generation to fulfill the Great Commission.

Missions Support

HanEol (David) Kim

The world is having a hard time with COVID-19.  We must understand God’s message through this time.  It is a time to keep social distance with others; but it is also a time to draw closer spiritually with God.  It is a necessary time to restore your relationship with God.  In this difficult time, it is time for us to care and pray for families, neighbors, and those who do not know Jesus; we need to practice His love to them.  A missionary cannot do all Missions.  There is a role for missionaries; and there is a role for supporters.  According to Romans 8:28, “… we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  We all need

to take our part in supporting Missions.  CRAM Worldwide needs your prayers, your help, and your support.  We are so thankful for your prayers and support and appreciate every gift given!

HanEol (David) Kim- Representative