February 13, 2020
Philippines Taal Volcano Eruption Update
Taal Volcano Eruption

In the middle of January, the Taal volcano was detected to be on the brink of eruption.  The Taal volcano is about 20 miles south of Bacoor, CRAM Worldwide’s mission field. 

The government issued an evacuation order after the news broke.  For their safety, more than 60,000 people were forced to abandon their homes and belongings.  Our missionaries Sang Ho and Lisa Kim quickly responded to the needs of the evacuees from the Taal region and sent us the following report:

“Too many people have been impacted by the explosion of the volcano.  Sustaining their lives on the run is becoming more and more difficult since no one knows when they can return home.  The ashes that burst from the volcano have covered hundreds of square miles and the air smells of sulfur.  The airport was closed for three days and school was closed for a week.

Shelter for Taal Volcano Survivors

More than 60,000 people within a 15-mile radius have been evacuated to schools, farms, stadiums, and churches.  We are actively working to help these people who have just lost their homes.  We have provided them with nutritious rice, ramen, water, medical care, and snacks.  In addition to other supplies, they now need dust masks, food, clothing, medicine, and more ramen, water, and snacks.

We wonder when they can go back and how they will live in the aftermath.  Your prayers and financial assistance are so appreciated as we continue to help these destitute families.”


Please extend your helping hands and send hope and joy to these people who are away from their homes because of this disaster.  To financially support the Taal Volcano survivors, go to: http://bit.ly/2lERM4h or send a check payable to CRAM Worldwide, with “Volcano” in the memo line, in the envelope provided.  Mobile users can donate by texting “volcano” to 50155.

A Meal for Taal Volcano Survivors

A Home and Land Destroyed by Taal Volcano