Mission Trips

Mission Trips: We welcome church mission groups and individuals who are interested to partner with CRAM Worldwide by visiting us on the mission fields. if you are interested in participating mission trips in the Philippines, please click here.

Church Planting: Will you help plant a new church? Through your prayers and financial investment we will have the resources needed to purchase land, build a church & community center, pay a church planter, serve the community through better living conditions, medical clinics, children’s programming, and make available an education to 50 children. If you would like to help plant a church in Bacoor, please click here.

Medical needs: One way we are ministering to these people is by ministering to their medical needs. We are encouraging and assisting them to improve their living conditions by providing medicines, vitamins, and medical attention as needed. Our team is promoting training to individual in personal and nutritional health. When disaster strikes, we have been able to partner with medical missions and assist in taking care of the Filipino people. Our vision is to open a medical clinic in Bacoor where we can expend God’s love through physical healing to these hurting people. If you would like to help provide medical supplies and build a medical clinic for the people in Bacoor, please click here.

I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me…

Matthew 25:34-36a


Jesus ministered to people who, by society’s perception, had no value, identity or importance. When God extended our work to include Bacoor, Philippines, that is just what we found there. And although the Philippines is a religiously free country, there were no churches in Bacoor.

Today, CRAM Worldwide is providing food, clothing, and medical assistance to the poor in the slums of this city of 600,000. Since 2014, five new churches were established which average a combined 1,000+ in weekly attendance to teach the people about Jesus and lead them to grow in Him. Our vision is to build and open a medical clinic where we can share God’s love through physical healing to these hurting people.

Boat Kids Club

Spiritual needs: The Philippines is a religiously free country; however, no churches existed in Bacoor when we arrived. With God’s leading, churches have been established and hundreds of children, adults, and families are attending our weekly worship services. Many of our worship services take place outdoors because enclosed facilities are not available at this time. Our hope is to build permanent church facilities where the Boat people will be able to worship, hold classes, and be fed. If you would like to meet the spiritual needs for the people in Bacoor, please click here. 

Boat Kids Club: We started the Boat Kids club out of a need to take care of a large population of children. These children do not have food, medical services, or educational facilities at their disposal. Through this program, a $30 monthly donation will cover clothing, food, education, and medical needs for one month. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to impact many children’s life in the Philippines. If you would like to a sponsor, please click here.

Nutritional needs: CRAM Worldwide Inc has started a feeding program to help the starving children in Bacoor. The children eagerly await our team members as they live out the life Jesus set by His example of feeding the hungry. If you would like to help us feed the children, please click here.