May 7, 2018
Power to live by faith

Love Church began meeting for church services on a basketball court. The first day of services a woman named Gemma attended with her six children. The next week, Sang Ho saw that her hair was cut short and she shared her family’s story. Gemma said that she sold her hair and bought rice because her children had nothing to eat. Her husband was recently shot and killed, and she said the struggle to provide food for her children weighed so heavily on her that she wanted to die. Gemma even had to ask her sister in a nearby province to care for one of her children. Gemma confided that she came to the very first church service to worship and find encouragement. Love Church came alongside Gemma and her family to help them with food and finances. She is now a leader in the church, and she is growing strong in her faith. In one of the Love Church leaders’ meetings, Gemma testified, “I would not be in this world anymore if I had not met a missionary in the most difficult situation that I’ve ever been. I am not worrying about anything anymore. I have the power to live by faith.” Gemma and her family are now doing well in their faith, and she sells drinks and food on the streets to meet their needs.