“How can they hear without being heard?”


“How can they be saved without knowing the SAVIOR?”


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Join The Movement

Child Sponsorship

For only $30 a month you can provide school, clothing, food, among other things for a child in Bacoor Philippines.

Mission Trips

Are you looking for a great experience to learn from others while serving them? A mission trip to the Philippines is waiting. Every year, we welcome teams from around the world to participate in our mission field activities. Many of these mission trips include activities such as construction work, Bible teaching, discipleship training, medical treatments, teaching English, vacation Bible schools, camps, and church worship.

Residency Program

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Are you looking for an opportunity to grow in your education while serving others? There are many amazing opportunities waiting for you.


Hunger Relief !


It cost $25 for a 44 lb bag of rice. Rice is a staple food item for those in Cambodia, China, Laos, North Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam. One bag of rice 44 lb cost $25 and will feed a family of three for one month. Will you consider making a one-year commitment to giving $25 a month to feed the hungry?

Our Mission

To take the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia. By meeting their physical needs we gain the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs.

Be a Voice for the Oppressed

  • Every dollar amount big or small has an impact on the many lives living in poverty.
  • It only cost $25 for a 44 lb bag of rice. This one bag of rice will feed a family of three for one month.
  • Hunger is something people face daily. Many of them do not know when their next meal will be. Many people of Asia struggle with the fear of having no food to feed their family or themselves.
  • Be a voice. Talk about heavy subjects. It takes loving, caring people to spread the word and advocate for the lost, the poor, the broken, the hungry.


  • One bag of rice a month for a family of three cost less than one visit to a sit-down restaurant for a family of three in America.



How could I get more information on going on a missions trip?

Every year, we welcome teams from around the world to participate in our mission field activities in Bacoor, Philippines. You can find more information about mission trips here. Or you can call our main office at 812-275-6476. Or email

How do I make sure my donation goes to a specific cause?

If you are writing a check and sending it in, please write in the memo line where the donation is intended to go. Example; “Leprosy” which would go towards rice for the lepers in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. If you are donating online your donation will go to the specific area that the donation is for. Example; if you donate to which is the BKC Child Sponsorship, that donation will go to the specific child you are sponsoring.

What am I allowed to send to the child I am sponsoring?

You can send your BKC child holiday cards, birthday cards, photos of you and your family, and letters.

Where do I send mail to?

You can send mail to our main office at 1291 Airport Pkwy, Greenwood, IN 46143.

How do the sponsored children receive their money?

Missionary SangHo Kim holds a sponsorship meeting once a month. At this meeting, the sponsored children receive their monthly money, food, and other supplies that are provided.

Do I have to send my money the 1st of the month each month?

No, we send the money we receive each month the following month. So as long as we receive it sometime during the month the sponsored child will receive it.

How many sponsored children does CRAM have?

We currently have 300 BKC sponsored children.

What is BKC?

BKC or Boat Kids Club is our child sponsorship program located in the Philippines. It cost $30 a month to sponsor a child through this program. To learn more about this please visit our website here (have the “here” link to the boat Kids Club (BKC) Sponsorship page) or you can call our main office at 812-275-6476.