North Korea 

Morning Star Children’s Home

One of the first CRAM’s projects in North Korea. Morning Star Children’s Home is an orphanage for 100 children age from toddler to 17 years old.

Kindergartens and Daycares

Total of four facilities provide day care for over 200 children while their parents are working in the fields or factories. Lunches, clothes, shoes, towels, and blankets for provided for these children.

Feeding Program

Food Shortage is severe in North Korea due to UN and US sanctions for the nuclear and missile testings. CRAM is working diligently to provide food, supplies and clothes for people who are suffering from hunger and cold. A 55 lb bag of rice cost $20 and can feed a family of three for a month. Will you help?


CRAM’s Worksite in North Korea. Rason is a city of 200,000 residents. It’s located in the northeast corner of North Korea. China and Russia share boards with North Korea via Rason, which makes Rason a Special Economic Corridor for North Korea.

Morning Star Youth Home

Presently, 70 students (including former children’s home residents who have reached the age of 18 years) are receiving training and assistance through 2-3 years training program to enhance their skills in various trades while provide lodging and meals.

Medical Clinics

Medical services provided at these clinics include minor surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and dental care. Medical supplies and medicine is constantly needed to keep these medical clinics operational.